Structured Water

Natural Action Technologies structured water unit is the original Structured Water Device

What is Structured Water?

Natural Action Technologies can make structured water systems to accommodate all your live water needs.

Perhaps you have heard that structured water is a hoax.   Well take a look at the facts.  Structured Water reviews tell the real story.  Take a look at the results.

With the Natural Action Technologies Structured Water device you can enjoy the Benefits of Structured Water in your home everyday for the rest of your life.

DIY structured water kits available to you.

Structured Water definition - Structured Water is oxygenated, free of memory, and has a balanced pH.

Clayton Nolte Inventor

Clayton has always been consumed with the infinite possibilities. As a young teen growing up on a farm in the Midwest, Clayton soloed his first airplane at 14, fueled with a passion to get a higher perspective of how things work. Academically, he has 14 years of higher education specifically in math, physics and chemistry. All of Clayton’s intellectual studies centered around asking questions and looking to the Universe for the answers.

Mr. Nolte spent the next 40 years in Research and Development, working as a consultant to various agencies. His assignments included traveling the world discovering new technologies and reverse engineering that would emulate nature and expose mysterious knowledge, thought of as unworldly.

During his research, a unique recurring phenomenon in water was discovered. Water was the only constant in almost every study and present in many places considered “impossible.” After years of studying this marvel, nature finally unveiled the true properties of Structured Water™. This understanding became the catalyst for Clayton to turn all his focus toward this fascinating phenomenon in nature.