Structured Water - Wu Wei Water

Structured Water™ is created by the natural action of water found in nature.  Wu Wei - the action of non action or natural action.

Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ flow-form maximizes the action of a mountain stream creating what is referred to in nature, as a double vortex. Meaning, that when you drink a glass of water, or you bath or shower in water that has flowed through Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ products, you are getting the same energetic, life-enhancing properties, you would find in nature’s water.

The Natural Action Technologies Whole House Structured Water Unit is for the person who wants the full effects of good drinking water, softer skin in the shower and bathing, the laundry, cleaner dishes and greater longevity of the water heater and plumbing lines. How do you enjoy the same Structures Water away from home? 

The DE Portable unit ensures you have the same high quality structured water while away from home as you enjoy at home.  The truth is, The Natural Action Water Portable is the easiest way to structure water at home and on the go.

Enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of Structured Water™ when you’re out and about; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling.Natural Action Technologies structured water is healthy water that exhibits its full energetic potential. It contains life force energy, which is often referred to as chi, prana, or biophotonic energy.

When water becomes structured, the water molecules are changed, the surface tension reduced and the cluster size of water molecules reduced. Harmful toxins are energetically neutralized, and the water is erased of any imprints of negative energy to which it has been exposed. Structured water is healthy, alive and full of life force energy. When one drinks structured water, one drinks in the life giving properties of hydration, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption, and beautiful things happen.

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