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"Reminds me of water I drank as a child."

Portable Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit -The Ultimate in Water Technology - No Filters to Replace - No Chemicals - Age Young Red Wines in Minutes - for World Traveler's - 20 Year Manufacturer's Warranty -

Natural Action Reviews

  • I bought the whole house Natural Action Structured Water unit over a year ago and it has changed my life. I hated drinking water before I installed the unit and now I can't get enough. I feel better and the shower is my favorite place now. I love how soft and hydrated my skin is now and how infrequently I have to use hand lotion, even in my dry climate.
  • I purchased the new dynamically enhanced portable unit recently to give as a gift. My gift will go to a person in an apartment that can't add a home unit to his plumbing, but I wanted their family to have decent water to drink. They live in California and I know they are going to enjoy drinking water as much as I do now. See Natural Action 

Wu Wei Non Action or Natural Action An Introduction to Structured Water with Clayton Nolte - Clean Clear Water Natural Alternative to Water Filters.  Clayton Nolte explains everything anyone would ever want or need to know about structured water.

  • I have been using the structured water system everywhere I go. I took it on vacation. I had such security to know that the water I would be drinking would be clean and healthy no matter where I went. I love it.

    The size was perfect for the travel bag and purse.
  • I purchased this product because I don't want to use plastic bottles of water.  I've also read the many benefits of structured water and wanted to give it a try.  I gained immediate benefits in energy level.  As an asthmatic with chronic breathing difficulty that is now better, no more wheezing.  I would recommend this product to everyone.  It produces the best tasting water I have ever had.
  • Reminds me of the best water I ever drank as a child.  The best I ever drank was water from my grandparent's house when I was a little kid. It tasted like something delicious and good was in it. It was pure and I just loved it. No water (until now) has ever come close to that taste of pure goodness.

    I know that people argue about the science behind this simple filter, but I can't dispute the fact that there is definitely something different about this water. Not only does it tastes great, it feels softer on my skin, and I need less of it to feel my thirst quenched. I would say that this is a placebo effect, but before I bought it, I did several blind taste tests with tap and other bottled waters, with water from the structured water filter in the mix. EVERY time I was able to pick out the structured water. There was no comparison.

    Everyone needs to drink more water and less junk. I only drink tea and water and am trying to cut down on the amount of tea I consume because tea is really staining my teeth. Drinking this water throughout the day is a pleasure, not a chore. Whatever health benefits it gives me is only a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
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