Structured Water and Your Car

Car Performance Improvements with Structured Water

I tried adding Structured Water to the overflow in my 10 year old Dodge Ram with great results!

20.) Car Performance Improvements with Structured Water?

Customers have shared with us reports of gas mileage improvement by adding just a couple cups of structured water to the engine radiator overflow.

Have you tried it yet?

 Take note. (Newer cars may not experience the same result if their engine uses a computer to regulate gas mileage.)


As a result of our discussions concerning every molecule in the universe being in contact with one another and your suggestion that adding 8 oz. of “structured water” (restructured by one of your devices) to the radiator of the vehicle I drove to the conference and monitored the results.

The car is a 1992 Acura Integra with 219,320 at the time of the addition. The EPA mileage standard for the car when new is 21 mpg in town; 26 mpg hi-way and 23 mpg composite. We had recorded mileage since owning the car and found these estimates to be quite accurate for the car with about a 10% differential from summer to winter.

Filling the tank with gas with this model can be repeated quite consistently. Fill until the automatic shutoff stops the filling, then top it off once. At this point a splash of gasoline comes back out.

The car was loaded with three passengers and their luggage and equipment from the conference.

1st tankful 23.8 mpg
2nd tankful 25.7 mpg
3rd tankful 27.1 mpg
4th tankful 34+ mpg (almost all hi-way driving 65 and higher)
5th tankful 32.5 mpg

Explanations: None. The results speak for themselves. Needless to say we are now continuing to use the structured water in the and also monitoring other vehicles.


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