Natural Action

Natural Action or Wu Wei   

 The Action of Non Action or Natural Action

What about Structuring your well water before it comes out of the ground...

How Structured Water Entrains

Entrainment is simply one fluid moving with another pushing or pulling within. Perhaps this can be best explained by picturing the ocean with its many currents or rivers traveling within the same overall body of water. Entrainment can also include other things, such as salt, oil, debris that are carried within the medium of water. As we speak of entrainment, we are most interested in learning how energy in water can be delivered to your home or business in its most natural and purest form.

Most people don’t consider the immeasurable miles that water travels in straight pipelines to reach your city, business or home. The problem with this process is when water is forced into a conduit the fluid isn’t able to move or twist. Unfortunately, this kind of water is “dead.”

When water runs in a straight line for 300 feet or more, it becomes dead with absolutely no energy. So, by the time piped water reaches your home, it is lifeless. Thus, your water is missing the life force energy that it would naturally have if it were found in a river.

Through Nature’s design, Structured Water entrains – or creates a flow- as it connects with life. The challenge of having dead water in your home, was the problem, until the invention of the Structured Water system. Today, through the use of Natural Action Technologies’ products, Structured Water is utilized to give life back to your water. Water that is fully open to embrace the energy of life, vibrates or dances.

Drip Line Ground Water Toxic Relief Kit

To use in conjunction with a Natural Action Technologies Structuring Device
The Drip Line Toxic Relief kit adapts to the Whole House Unit, Super Shower and Mini Shower.
The factors needed to make the decision on which unit is right for you will be:

  • The distance from the Wellhead to your home. (If your home is over 100’ away from the Wellhead you will need a Whole House Unit in order to receive the highest energy impact.

  • The square footage of your home is also a factor. (If your house is larger than a Mobile Home, you will need a Whole House Unit.

  • If your home is over 300’ from the Wellhead, you will need an additional Unit. (You could save by placing a Mini or Super Shower unit at the Wellhead and the Whole House Unit in your home.

I live in British Columbia Canada. My deep well has extremely high tannin (non-choliform bacteria) levels; and the arsenic, iron and manganese readings are slightly above acceptable levels. It has been recommended that I treat the water with filtration, a UV system and reverse osmosis. Will your product rid me of these unacceptable toxins/bacteria or should it be installed with some of the recommended treatments aforementioned?
For the tannin a good charcoal filter will help.   Structuring the water will help energetically neutralize all toxins. Structuring and running the water into a holding tank would allow all the excesses including tannin to precipitate out is an option.
I would normally recommend our ground water toxic relief kit to Structure the water in the ground.
This kit would act similar to a holding tank but in your location it maybe too difficult to easily access your ground water source well head.
The more Structuring you apply the sweeter, healthier, life giving properties exude in your water.